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April Thoughts

In a competitive technological and cultural world, it's important that children experience the inspired wonder of college as early as 4th grade. No longer are students competing with the boy or girl in the neighbor. In many cases they are now competing against the world for college entrance and higher academic opportunities and jobs. Parents who focus on social development as vital to integration into the world are who we offer programs to.


Last month we hosted 2 events at University of San Francisco and 225 students from Novato to San Francisco toured the college, learned the power of independent thinking, and never limit yourself.


Our keynote speaker was Bill Cartwright, USF ambassador and 5-time world champion with the Chicago Bulls. We are grateful to Frank Allocco, USF External Relationship for his inspired discussion on the importance of being well rounded and “demanding the of yourself in all things you do. Frank said, "We here at the University of San Francisco believe we can change the world from here in the walls of University of San Francisco”


He continued,


“We do not look to others to make change; if you are hanging with bad people you will not have success until you change who you hang with.”


Novato Chess Club are grateful for our corporate support. We are grateful for the opportunity to have access to the USF campus and we are also grateful for our many corporate sponsors who give to make these events happen.


Our $1000 Platinum Sponsorship:


Rishwain and Rishwain, A Professional Law Firm

James B. Martin, Martin Land Co.

Rotary eClub Silicon Valley

D5170, Knights of Columbus 1292.


We thank our youth partners from Sacramento Family and Justice Center, Hamilton Middle School AVID, St Isabella School, St Isabella Chess Club, Saint Raphael, Father Sauer Academy, Marin Catholic, Novato High School and Canyon Middle School.


Special acknowledgment for Tanya Mattson of Hamilton Middle School Novato Unified School District for her 14 years of early college visits.


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