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Chess + Baseball = Home Run!

Chess mania at Giants camp began shortly after spring training started in March. Players aren’t sure where the chess board came from, but it appeared one day in the clubhouse without introduction or explanation. Guys with a little extra time first trickled through, finding a game of chess was a great way to clear the early morning mental fog." Whether in West Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Terra Linda, San Rafael or the San Francisco Giants professional baseball team, the game of chess expands the consciousness, enhancing critical thinking paramount for teaching children "how we make good decision in life."

From the S.F. Chronicle article, "San Francisco Giants have a new spring-training obsession: Chess” by Shayna Rubin, March 24, 2024. The game of community based chess builds fellowship and integration. Many educational programs, in schools, are used to separate one person from another - based solely on our intellectual abilities. A model that does not work in the real world, it does build on communication, but only elevates difference, a weakness in our human character.

We are supposed to work together, we learn from each other and to improve the life of all around us. from the homeless bum on the street to the arrogant corporate businessman who doesn't think about the poor we're all supposed to build each other up not just economically but socially and emotionally. Please read this article from the San Francisco Giants, they are building respect for each other on an intellectual and physical level.

I find this article to be one of the most heartwarming, and important articles for all parents to read.

We believe all children should learn chess by the time they are in 3rd grade. You will find your child will be more responsible, more communicative and more patient and humble. But, they also learn how to problem solve, and think their way out of problems instead of reacting emotionally. Parents, take the time to read this article and find a program for your child. Think about introducing the game to your children. Novato Chess Club is here to help.

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